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Music Producers and Audio Engineers – Ways to Success

Whether you are the producer, recording engineer, mastering or mixing engineer or of the above, keep in mind that the client is your lifeline in this business. Collaboration between them and you Client should be the most important focus of a producer/engineer, because an audio production is a team effort between all people not just what you would like. Among the best ways would be to get a meeting if you are only beginning to work with a brand new artist. This is one of the most essential areas of a recording; be it and record or a single track.

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This is the first stage in the recording process, generally you will want to sit down with the artist (and their supervisor if available and listen to some demos with them and assist with any arrangement/composition problems you might hear, this is essentially a brainstorming session that will truly bring you and the artist closer as a unit, then you may bring your ideas and desires while listening and hopefully achieve a median between what you would both like to hear when it comes to their own musical direction. A meeting can last a couple of days or 1 day it takes to establish that ground. That is not really that is involved in the stage. You will also decide upon which studio you would like to record in (unless a label or manager has the most say), who it will be combined by and where it will be mastered at.

Other things like which Microphones will be used on which tools is just another thing to be discussed, create a list prior to going in the studio and show it to the recording engineer and also be open to any suggestions they might need to replace a specific mic or three on your list, generally you will want to consider leaving vocal microphones from the record as each vocalist has a different voice and you may wish to try out 3-4 distinct microphones to find the ideal match for your artist Simon Jano artista productor musica. A very simple interest phone call ask them how they are doing can work wonders when you have spoken to a customer but hadn’t heard back from them and see if there is anything you can help them with. Showing interest in your fellow human beings and establishing friendships can take you much!

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