The way to merge layers in pixlr

 youtube videosThe layers palette displays each of the layers; also as, a thumbnail of this picture. It is possible to hide, see, reposition, rename, delete and combine layers in the layers palette. On peak of the Photoshop interface you will notice the menu window and then click layers to start the layers palette. New documents are usually created using a background layer, which includes a color or picture that shows through the transparent regions of different layers. When you make a new picture with a backdrop the base layer in the layers palette is called background. So the very first step in coping with layers is to produce a background layer to that all other pictures will be piled to generate the whole composition. I have added the steps to incorporate your desktop below: A dialogue box will open the very first input box will include the title of your file, the preset box will open unique kinds of canvases. Leave the other settings as is. Then a fresh white record may appear in the Photoshop window. You will then add the colour of your choice into the picture. For this purpose I will use the ribbon on the toolbar to the left side.

Pick the Background colors picker in the base of the toolbar to discover a colour for your desktop it is the one using the arrow only click on the upper square not the arrow and a colour picker will start. Select a color then proceed to the toolbar and then select the paint bucket, Click in your file and also the paint bucket will colour it. From the layers panel you may see it is titled background Today you can add your additional layers by choosing text or images to increase the background. To obtain an image visit File and start a picture that is saved on your hard disk or in Adobe Bridge to increase the background. Shapes and text could be inserted as a coating too by selecting them on the toolbar then click within the document in which you would like them to look.

Tip; you can start two Viewpoints in Photoshop click the tiny window icon on the menu bar- right-top then simply click and drag your picture to the see how to merge layers in pixlr you have created. Understand when working with layers which the picture needs to be emphasized in the layers palette so that you can work with this.

 This is a fundamental Example of how to use layers in Photoshop play it and have fun that you could always start over by tapping layers into the delete bin in the bottom right corner of the layers palette. You may also find help with other questions using the help link on the menu bar. Search for books on Photoshop using visual representations of what you would like to do too. It will raise your soul to do something imaginative.